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Engineering a sustainable agricultural future

Andrew Guzzomi

Research Fellow

Agricultural engineer Andrew Guzzomi is combining his passion for engineering with a desire to help sustain the future. 

Working at The University of Western Australia’s School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Andrew’s research focuses on devising novel engineering solutions to challenging and relevant agricultural problems.

As an engineer, Andrew hopes to be part of the solution; not the problem, and is thankful his current role allows him to inspire future generations and lead by example. He also teaches fifth-year mechanical engineering design and is working towards establishing agricultural engineering as a recognised research strength at UWA.

“I really enjoy inspiring students through my lecturing, while ensuring graduates receive the very best standard of education. Through high-impact research and development, my goal is to become a world leader in the field of agricultural engineering.”

Andrew Guzzomi

Andrew’s journey began after handing in his PhD back in 2007. He was awarded a prestigious fellowship, becoming a Whitfeld Fellow of UWA, and also became a Scholar of the Italian Government which saw him move to Italy to work at the University of Bologna (UniBo). 

At the end of 2010 Andrew was invited by UWA to visit as an honorary research fellow to explore agricultural engineering and have input on the new UWA courses. He officially joined as a UWA staff member in the following year. 

One of his recent research projects focuses on native seed flaming technology, which saw the team he was part of win the Emerging Innovation prize in the 2016 WA Innovator of the Year Awards. The technology was developed in collaboration with engineering students and researchers at the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Kings Park) and UWA School of Plant Biology.

“I am passionate about the environment, love pursuing difficult problems and developing novel engineering solutions to solve challenging problems of all sizes. I firmly believe that strong links between agriculture and engineering are important for Australia’s future in terms of food security, rehabilitation, sustainability and economic prosperity.”

Andrew Guzzomi

“I like to look forward and hope my most significant achievement will always be still to come. I feel most proud about the moments when I feel I have inspired and engaged others in things that I am truly passionate about.”

Andrew’s advice for others pursuing their goals is to stay true to yourself and trust your instincts.

“Some of the greatest achievements come when we pursue what we know to be right and true, despite the judgments of others.

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