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Changing direction to change the world

Bree Hallett

Financial Planner

From a Masters in Human Movement, to financial planning, to ending world hunger; Bree Hallett is choosing her own path to pursue the impossible. 

At some point in our careers, most of us will question which direction to take next, and Bree Hallett is no exception. She began her journey by completing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Movement at UWA, which led her to starting a career as an Exercise Physiologist. Early within this role, Bree was introduced to a financial planning firm in Perth. Although still passionate about promoting positive community health and living, she found herself developing an interest in the financial industry. 

“I quickly realised that my love of working with people and the strengths I had developed while studying at UWA were transferrable to financial planning.” 

Many of these strengths were gained during the early years of her degree, where she tailored her UWA studies to include finance and economic electives. Listening to her gut instinct, Bree drew upon these skills and shifted away from her initial career choice, accepting a job with the Perth financial firm she had met in the months before.

Making a drastic career change may seem like a radical move but it was not a decision Bree made lightly. “Prior to making the move away from a career in Exercise Physiology, I consulted several UWA staff including a career counsellor. Not only did they assure me that it was common for undergraduates to be uncertain about their future, they encouraged and supported me through the decision, teaching me that I could take my university education in any direction I desired.”

Equipped with good advice, further study and several years of experience in both Perth and Melbourne, Bree felt ready to take the step towards becoming a Financial Planner. In 2014, she joined a privately owned financial planning firm in Camberwell, Victoria where she is now working to increase the presence of women within the financial planning industry. 

“At UWA I was always encouraged to challenge myself – whether this was undertaking work experience in outback Australia or completing my Honours. This helped me to learn the power of independence and self-motivation.”

Bree Hallett

The Hunger Project
To Bree, pursuing impossible means extending herself beyond her comfort zone. While most would consider a complete career change to be demanding enough, Bree is determined to keep challenging herself. This year she is travelling to Malawi to take part in an Immersion and Leadership Program with the global non-for-profit organisation The Hunger Project.

Working in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America, the Hunger Project is on a mission to end world hunger by educating and empowering communities so they can provide for themselves and their families. As part of the Hunger Project’s Immersion and Leadership program, Bree will be experiencing firsthand the challenges that women in developing countries face on a daily basis.  

"I know that learning from a culture vastly different to my own will give me incredible perspective and open my eyes to the reality of bigger challenges in the world.”

Inspired by the work of the Hunger Project, Bree is committed to raising $10,000 to contribute to the program before she leaves for Malawi.

“I truly believe that we can end world hunger. I want to be part of the generation that has an impact on achieving this impossible.”

Bree Hallett

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