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Always remember your passion

Jade Forlani-Brennan

Electrical and Electronic Engineering student

Jade shows you don’t have to give up one passion to follow another.

“If it was easy, everyone would do it. If you want to distinguish yourself in this increasingly competitive world, you have to walk the road less travelled and be prepared to face the challenges along the way.”

Jade Forlani-Brennan

Specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Jade is completing his thesis on South Korean work culture issues and their implications for project management and engineering to combine his two interests.

"My grandparents did not speak the best English, so growing up I learnt how to communicate with them well. My Nonno (grandfather) was a very intelligent man and did an electrical engineering degree himself, but because he didn’t speak very good English, he always felt ‘stupid’ when he talked with me. Consequently I developed a passion for communication. This is why I chose engineering."
- Jade Forlani-Brennan

Jade believes engineers are the communication bridge between various groups, and sees engineers having a role in bridging the gap between cultures in an increasingly globalised world.

Jade says a major benefit of a UWA degree is having the freedom to complete a second major outside your main field, giving you a broader perspective that can translate into a competitive edge and set you up for future career success.

“After doing Korean, my dream is pursuing a career that allows me to make use of both my engineering and Korean studies, not simply one or the other. Learning another language teaches you to analyse what you are trying to say and distil the essence – the idea – down to its core. Communication is such an important skill for an engineer, and doing another language has definitely given me a competitive advantage, especially as engineering becomes more and more global,” he says.

Jade has landed a position with Woodside Energy, upon graduation, following a successful internship over the summer break. He chose Woodside specifically as the company does a lot of work with South Korea. Jade’s advice for others pursing their path is to remember your passion.

“Another thing to remember is to ask for help and tell others your dreams so they can help you realise them. In this world there is very little an individual can accomplish in isolation, but with the help of others, together we can achieve the impossible.”

Jade Forlani-Brennan

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