Smiling her way to success

Louisa Lee

UWA Dentistry Medicine Graduate

Like many of us, Louisa was unsure what she wanted to do when it came to further education. She's proof you can take your career in any direction you choose. 

“In high school we study subjects that don’t exactly translate to many career paths,” she says.

“I applied for medicine because I wasn’t entirely sure of the diversity of career paths that were available.”

With an assured pathway to study a Doctor of Medicine, which she changed to a Doctor of Dental Medicine, Louisa ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance. In her second year an exchange program to Canada opened her eyes to the flexibility of studying.

“I returned home and joined two student bodies – UWA Student Managed Investment Fund (UWA SMIF) and UWA AIESEC. Still restless, I applied for the Stanford Summer International Honours Program. While over there, I decided to apply for an internship in investment banking that concluded in February 2016.”

Louisa attempted to achieve her ‘impossibles’, going out of her comfort zone to apply for work opportunities.

“The internship was my greatest impossible. I had zero internship experience and was competing against other applicants who had already completed a good number.”

Louisa Lee

“I had only just begun to consider the idea of not taking up my dentistry degree, and so applied a few hours before the deadline, giving myself time to apply to only one firm and less than a day to prepare between interviews. I think one crucial component to the series of opportunities I was fortunate enough to attain stemmed from the moment I stopped allowing the fear of failure to lead to inaction, and realising I had nothing to lose.”

Clearly a high achiever, Louisa has job offers from a number of firms, including the bank she interned with, for commencement in 2017.

“I am so thankful for the course structure that UWA offers, which really encourages a range of different areas to be studied and thus, I realised I had a passion for commerce.”

Despite her unconventional path, Louisa is now set on completing an MBA at Stanford University in the next five years, in addition to working overseas.

“I had quite a haphazard and unique degree – from medicine to dentistry postgraduate plans, to majoring in both finance and physiology, with exchanges in Canada and the US,” she says.

“However, this haphazard journey helped me find my passion and shaped the experiences I’ve had, which have led me to where I am today.​”

Louisa Lee

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