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Starting out at the top

Mia Savic

Engineering Graduate

As a student who had just earned her Masters in Professional Engineering, it was Mia Savic’s goal to become a CEO. Not even Mia realised how soon her ambition would become a reality. 

In July 2016, she was awarded the coveted position of Adecco’s CEO for One Month, becoming the national head of a Fortune 500 Company at the age of 22. 

Earlier this year, Mia was competing with other graduates to secure an internship. Due to the competitive job market in the resource sector, she got her fair share of rejections.

“I can definitely relate to the anxious feeling most jobseekers go through that can eventually lead to disbelief in your abilities. However, what I did have was the ability of being persistent and taking pride in valuing myself, no matter how many rejections I faced.”

Luckily, Mia found out about Adecco’s CEO for One Month competition. Every year Adecco, the world’s number one global HR solutions provider, gives students around the world a unique chance to experience life at the top and gain valuable industry expertise.

“When hearing about the CEO for One Month internship at Adecco, I leaped at the opportunity and applied straight away. Although it was something completely out of my comfort zone, it was a challenge that I couldn’t refuse to take.”

Mia Savic

Mia’s passion shone through, and she was chosen over 852 other Australian applicants. Her reward was the career opportunity of a lifetime: to be mentored by Ger Doyle, Adecco’s Australian country manager and CEO.

Mia was delighted at the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and enhance her professional skills. Working at Adecco, she developed a broad range of management, HR, finance and marketing expertise, which has set her up for the career she’s always dreamed of.

Although her time as CEO is over, Mia certainly has a promising future ahead of her. A strong and determined young woman, it seems likely this won’t be the last time Mia Savic becomes a CEO.

“UWA has provided me with a range of invaluable opportunities and experiences. Reflecting back, I was able to combine my two areas of interest, engineering and finance, with in-depth knowledge across these different backgrounds. This not only provided a competitive edge in the job market, but also a diverse scope of career prospects.”

An advocate for workplace equality and diversity, Mia has made it her goal to inspire other women to take their place in the currently male-dominated mining and resource sector.

“What pursuing impossible means to me is the ability to pursue your dreams and not allowing anyone or anything to get in the way of it. If you truly believe in yourself and put your mind to it, anything is possible.”

Mia Savic

To find out more about Mia’s experiences at Adecco, you can read about her daily life as CEO at blog.adecco.com.au/week-life-ceo-mia-savic

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