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On the up and up

Ronan Bray

Founder of Popupshopup and Jobs And Services

Growing up, Ronan was constantly creating new business ideas and concepts.

Since graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA with Majors in Marketing, Management, HR, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Ronan’s work has taken him to the software industry in Perth where he works as a Marketing Manager. In the six years of his tenure, Ronan has experienced a range of roles including starting a North American office in Tennesse

However, it’s outside of his full-time job that Ronan’s entrepreneurial flair has really struck a chord. He founded two companies – Jobs and Services and, most recently, Popupshopup, both of which have seen fantastic media coverage and public response. 

Ronan describes Popupshopup as an Airbnb solution to finding retail, office, warehouse, bar or restaurant spaces for business. With links to the City of Perth and Colliers International, among others, it’s helping companies and individuals stand out in a market that is crowded and hard to navigate.

“My degree provided me with the necessary framework for the way I approach business and manage the different areas within it. University is full of challenges and pressures and you must find a way to overcome these and master them to succeed, and it is the same in business.”

Ronan says that pursuing impossibles in his companies has meant overcoming doubt, but as with any endeavour, there’s still a long way to go.

He found that UWA provided him with the learning and ability to manage multiple requirements and projects at once – something that is incredibly important in business where many things happen at once.

“You must stay organised to stay ahead. Pursuing the impossible is about following your goals that to anyone else would be ‘too hard’.”

Ronan Bray

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