A doctor without borders

Summer Porter

Future Doctor

Second year student Summer Porter is moving closer towards her dream of working with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Also known as Doctors Without Borders, Summer has known since she was 15 that working at the international humanitarian-aid organisation was her goal. Currently completing her bachelor’s degree, the Anatomy and Human Biology major is excited to begin her postgraduate studies in Medicine in the coming years.

Summer discovered a love for science in high school, along with a great curiosity for how everything worked. After narrowing her passions down to the human body, Summer chose to pursue Medicine, aligned to her long-held interest for helping others. “I was never satisfied with the answer ‘just because’ and would keep researching until I found out the real answer. Being able to understand the body and those around me was something that really piqued my interest,” she says.

Now, as a resident on campus at St Catherine’s College, Summer says her time at UWA has helped develop her interpersonal skills and will see her strive towards her life’s goal.

“I want to see the change towards a more equitable healthcare system globally, with help going where it is most needed – not most profitable. The disparity in health care across the world is something I’d like to see change in my lifetime, and in order to see real change happen, I want to give my time and effort to an organisation that is truly dedicated to bridging the gap and reducing inequity in the world.”

Summer Porter

Sitting the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) in Year 12 and gaining an assured postgraduate position in Medicine has alleviated much of the stress that would have otherwise been placed on Summer. She says she can now enjoy her time at University and get the most out of her educational experience. Another impossible for Summer was a challenge many rural students face when thinking of attending university – money.

“Being awarded the UWA Alumni SWANS and Rural SWANS scholarships allowed me to move into St Catherine’s College and offered me so many more opportunities than I would have believed possible. Being able to go after my dreams with no hesitations and with the full support of my friends and peers has allowed me to heavily focus on my studies and given me the best university experience I could have imagined.”

Summer adds that living on campus at a residential college has provided the opportunity to talk to postgraduate students already studying medicine, who can offer real-life feedback.

“Being able to hear the reality of postgraduate studies means I’m excited to get into it after my bachelor’s degree. I strongly believe that hard work reaps the most rewards and UWA truly is a place that wants you to get the most out of your education.”

Summer Porter

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